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Flex Endoscopy is your reliable service provider for all of your endoscopy equipment repairs and refurbishments needs. We take pride in our reputation for unwavering commitment to our customers. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction.

Our highly skilled and experienced personnel have worked many years in the field and bring in-depth knowledge to the repair of your flexible and rigid endoscopes, processors, and light sources.  You can rely on our skilled service personnel to get your equipment working again and back to you quickly and reliably.

Comprehensive Endoscopy Repair Services:

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Higher Equipment Reliability

Superior testing and repair procedures ensure the highest quality and reliable performance of your equipment

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Regular inspection and maintenance protects your investment, lower costs, and extend the life of your rigid and flexible endoscopes

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Maximized Your Productivity

Fast service and loaner programs help to keep you going during periods of repair

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Our Quality Guarantee

Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards, our endoscope repairs and refurbishments are warranted for 180 days


Preventative Maintenance Training

On-site training of your staff in preventative maintenance, care and handling protects your endoscopic equipment investment

endoscopy repair services

Repair Exchange Program

When a repair cost is too high - exchange your old endoscope for a completely reconditioned newer model and receive a credit

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Major and Minor Endoscopy Repair Including:

Ocular Rebuilds
Optics Replacement
Insertion tube replacement
Light Guide Tube Replacement
Image bundle replacement

CCD Repair/Replacement
Angulation System Overhaul
Biopsy Channel Replacement
Bending Section Repair/Replacement
Removal of Fluid Invasion

Angulation Adjustment
Replace Bending Rubber
Fiberoptic Light Guide and/or Image Bundle Replacement
Complete Endoscope Overhauls


Flex Endoscopy is Your Reliable Endoscopy Service Provider  
Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment
Purchased and Sold - Expertly Repaired, Serviced and Maintained


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