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300x400-7Your existing endoscopy equipment represents a significant investment. If you are considering a new purchase or upgrade, let us provide you with a quote to buy the flexible and rigid endoscopes, processors and light sources that you no longer need or use.

Let your old equipment finance the new!

When you are ready to buy new equipment, let your old equipment help finance the purchase of your new equipment. We'll help you get the best value and we'll make it easy by providing on-site evaluations, fast quotes, and equipment pick-up.

Is there money in that closet?

Don't let unused equipment just sit in storage. Hospitals, surgical centers, and medical practices rely on Flex Endoscopy to get the best value from their unused endoscopy equipment.

Have you considered an exchange upgrade?

Upgrading to newer models of Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment is a practical alternative to buying new. Our Exchange Program offers new-equipment benefits at used-equipment prices.  Pre-Owned equipment is fully refurbished to meet OEM standards.

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Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment
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